Matcha Latte

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An exquisite blend of ceremonial Japanese Shizuoka Matcha, velvety vanilla bean and delicate coconut blossom creates a divine, nutrient-rich cafe style latte.

Discover the balance of taste and tradition with our new Cafe Collection. Infused with the time-honoured traditions of Ayurveda, each blend combines hand-milled spices and the finest ingredients to offer both luxurious flavour and holistic benefits. Our unique recipes not only indulge your palate but also nourish your well-being. Revel in a cup that's as therapeutic as it is delicious, and elevate your daily rituals with the essence of good health and authentic café-style lattes.

Presented in exquisite bio-degradable canisters adorned with captivating artwork by the renowned artist, Phung Bahn, these containers are not just eco-conscious choices but also pieces of art. Perfect when gifting a taste of health and beauty to a loved one or making a chic statement their own space, our products promise both indulgence and inspiration.

Ingredients: Japanese Ceremonial Shizuoka Matcha Powder, Coconut Milk Powder, Vanilla Bean Extract, Coconut Blossom.

180g = 18 serves

Pure. Natural. Superior.


  • Dairy Free

  • Refined Sugar Free

  • 100% Pure & Natural

  • Low GI

  • Superior Ingredients

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

  • Rich in MCTs, antioxidants, essential vitamins & minerals

  • Hand-blended

  • Australian Made