Tribe Earth Handmade Incense - River Ever Changing

Tribe Earth Handmade Incense - River Ever Changing

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River incense

Single Plank of Handmade River incense containing an ever changing mix of resins/barks/flowers and leaves.

River is our incense Ode to Serendipity.
It's comprised of a mix of the ever changing river of plant materials left on the workshop bench at the end of the week. It’s ever changing, always fresh magical consolidation of what’s on our shelves.

No Glues, no essential oils, no toxic materials. 100% plant material.
30 minutes burn-time. Just break a piece and burn in a fireproof container.

Contains West Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) & various WA bush plant resins.

All of our ingredients are sustainably and ecologically harvested.
We employ the traditional way of producing incenses by hand which focus on bringing forth the plant intelligence.

Plank will burn like an incense cone but contains no glues, no artificial binders, no essential oils and no artificial fragrances.

Each plank burns for about 20-40 minutes. Just break a piece off and burn in any fireproof dish.